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So you are always the one that get the people together and makes sure none of your friends got lost on the way to the party?

Also you know how to plan ahead and have a strong sense of control and responsibility.

At our community on board of the Valparaíso in lovely Amsterdam we are searching for a new soul that likes to make workshops, organize events and make sure the pack stays together like a group of wolves.


Program Description

We think that one of the most important characters is that you know how to get people together and can solve issues between people.

But also we will require that you can take the lead in giving workshops about any subject of choose (making something with your hands, or talking about a certain subject, but also storytelling and a food waste event)


You have to be fairly good with language and able to write inviting texts.


  • Your tasks will be;
  • Planning and hosting at least two events a month
  • Organizing community events (like meetings, fun stuff but also in case of conflict)
  • Giving a workshop a month
  • Distributing responsibilities.
  • Make pictures at events
  • Social media
  • Writing plans

To apply please contact us at crew@adventuresofthevalparaiso.com



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