VineTrailer to Tinyhouse

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Are you always jealous of how snails are able to take their home everywhere they go? Well, you don’t have to be any longer! You can learn valuable tiny house building skills by living right here at the Catfarm!


As some cats need some privacy outside our shared dormitory we are upcycling an old trailer into a tiny house. It won’t be connected to the water network because we already have a shower and kitchen inside, but other than that we plan to make this into a fully equipped one-person living space.


Our community needs a nomad looking to improve their building and team management skills. Any experience in the field of construction is greatly appreciated, but not required as long as you can put together a team of capable individuals.




Your Are

  • opportunistic
  • optimistic
  • self-driven
  • flexible
  • capable of motivating other people
  • experienced with tools
  • willing to put two months of their time into this project

Your experience

  • Experience in building projects.
  • Being general handy ( and if a skill misses you know how to get the required skill in your team)
    • If you know of a helper with useful skill to assist the work (e.g Builder, mechanic, painter etc) invite them to the Catfarm to use their abilities


  • Make your own team! You don’t need to have all skills in order to complete the job!



Work Description

  • Upcycling a old tracktor trailer to a tinyhouse
  • Designing the interior
  • Making electricity work
  • Social Media
  • Communicating and working to timeline.
  • Sourcing sustainable materials.


You get


  • Technical understanding of basic construction
  • A say in what the result is going to look like
  • Experience in setting up your own project
  • Experience in creative recycling and upcycling
  • Opportunity to build your own team with our community

Time needed : Start date:

Duration: 2 months

Check out the page of the Catfarm before you sign-up and then use this form.

Want to apply ?

Please email to and we will send you the signup form!

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