Upcycle an Oldtimer into a guest room

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This cozy cat cabin will be the sparkling sleeping space for our romantically nomadic community members that want to rest their heads on something classy with a story.

The Grand Plan:

We plan to clear out the inside of the vehicle, dig and fill a foundation underneath, and add wooden floors and a double bed to make a cozy little cat cabin, turning the bonnet into a cupboard space. Then get the old girls heater working & give her some new windows for a super pimped up little bedroom.

The Challenge is to upcycle this oldtimer to a sleeping room. This is a project that supplies a large amount of freedom but requires a lot of ambition, independence and the ability to be self sufficient. You will be apart of  the project working with volunteers and building this unique creative community. Being resourceful and using your initiative are very important to the success of this project in terms of seeing what the project needs to be sustainable and move forward.

You can make even the front lights work again!



Thirty years ago the Captains father traveled from Holland to the Catfarm in Poussan France.

All he owned was inside this ’74 Peugeot 404. He is the fouder of this beautifull space near the sea.

Ten years later, in the nearby vilage of Sete, to his great shock, he discovered people gathered around the spot where he had parked his car –  as it had plurged into the canal! (“he must have forgotten the break…”)

The broken old car was taken out of the canal by divers a taken on a trailer back to the farm in Poussan, where she now gathers rust and some lush vegetation.

The restoration and transformation of the old car is not just a community project, but an effort to bring its story back to life as a character who is part of the Catfarm ( just like the souls who venture here )

More information regarding the Catfarm


Your experience

  • Experience in building projects.
  • Being general handy ( and if a skill misses you know how to get the required skill in your team)
  • If you know of a helper with useful skill to assist the work (e.g Builder, mechanic, painter etc) invite them to the Catfarm to use their abilities
  • Make your own team! You dont need to have all skills in order to complete the job!


Update 28 dec 2017

We started this project in the summer of 2017.
We are nearly done and would for the remaining tasks someone that has an eye for detail.

Here are some pics of the process;

ps.For the most recent pictures please check the Catfarm Facebook Page

Please don’t send a message on the facebook but contact us on the page instead.





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