A Brief History of the Valparaíso

Valparaiso is a city located on the coastline of Chile, between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean. It was named afterby the Spanish conquerors when their ships moored upon the shores over five hundred years ago. It was the closest port city that lay along the path to a place which was considered paradise by these sailors after a long enduring journey.

Ulysses, a dutch traveler, came to the city by coincidence. With his motorcycle left broken on the roadside in Argentina, he resorted to hitchhiking to continue his journey and found his way to Valparaiso. As he travelled through the rough exterior he began to look more into the interior of the city. He fell in love with the bohemian and artistic winds within the city and found a limitless source of inspiration. Like dirty nails and worn hands, the city had its own beauty beneath the surface.

His compass turned upside down.

Art and culture was very much alive and growing, creating a place of collaboration for creative minds and free thinking people. It was the people that were breathing life into the old streets and dying walls. Valparaiso was referred to as the road to paradise. However it has its own sense of paradise, one that comes from the connections of those living in the city. The sense of satisfaction from a hard day's work or working together to achieve something beautiful is what creates the rich soul of the city.

Adventures of the Valparaiso is a journey along the road to paradise. It is an art studio above the hull of a hundred years old barge that has had more people helping on board than scratches in its paint. The fuel that keeps this ship and its projects going is the inspiration of the old port city it is named after and the sign you see in the window when you first step on board that reads. “Happiness is the journey not the destination.”

  • 2012
  • 10 Dec 12


    The ship is found and the adventure begins! The 100 year old canal vessel and the nomadic Dutchman make their first journey towards their new life, with little idea of how many faces, stories, experiences and lessons they will encounter in their first exhilarating years together.

  • 2013
  • 22 Jan 13


    While transforming the boat into a stained glass art studio, the Captain welcomes volunteers from a global community of artists, travellers and tradesmen. The adventurous souls sharing their skills and creativity onboard quickly become an essential part of the Valparaiso story.

  • 10 Dec 13

    Moving to Amsterdam

    It is time to broaden the Valparaiso horizons and she sets sail for Amsterdam! Here the Captain finds significantly more opportunities for creative collaborations, access to resources and an ever-widening circle of volunteers and kindred projects. An exciting new chapter begins!

  • 2014
  • 15 Jul 14


    The boat becomes a hub where artists meet to combine resources, abilities and ideas toward a vital creative life source, ART! The now-established onboard culture endorses the belief that creativity is essential to our happiness and survival, both as individuals and as a global family.

  • 2015
  • 12 Aug 15


    Summer! Deck and doors are thrown open and creativity and stories are used to form inviting bridges into several waterside festival communities. These are wildly successful events and many land and boat participants join in celebrating the Valparaiso culture.

  • 6 Nov 15

    Making the plan

    Brainstorming and discussions have been churning away for awhile and now there is definite and increasing momentum in the Valparaiso currents. With expanding skill and vision, Captain and community earnestly prepare to (officially) launch the next grand adventure!

  • 2016
  • 26 Feb 16

    Help us finding a boat!

    Do you believe that this progressive culture can create mutually rewarding connections, that this ship can be a place where sustainability and art unite and that you can be a part of this destination? Share it on facebook , ask family and friends. spread the word.

  • 5 May 16

    Freedom Festival

    We where invited at various festivals to display our concept and show the onboard art.
    One of them was Vrijland where freedom was celebrated. Checkout the video at 2:17

  • 13 Jul 16

    Brest Maritime

    We stepped on the shore and went to France to explain our concept. Also we showed on the fly how stained glass is being made.

  • 9 Sep 16

    New Pirate Economy!

    We kicked off our New Pirate Economy for the first time on the shore!
    Not on the water anymore but we made a trade-tent where people could trade goods against stories.
    Also we rented out friends that could help people that lost their friends or their keys! For free offcourse ;)

  • 2019
  • 1 Sep 19

    First Journey new boat

    The sails will be unfurled and the course set! Exact date unknown

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