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Are you an experienced handyman wanting to improve your skill by working on a new project? Well you’ve come to the right place! We’re looking for talented individuals who want to be involved in building a Tipi at the Catfarm.

The Catfarm is a project that is ideal for a creative, ambitious soul that wants the chance to lead their own project whilst using some solid foundations that are already in place. It is a place with all the tools you need to let your imaginative ideas run free.

Aim: Build a awesome space that you yourself like to be in.

Role : Project manager, Tipi builder, sourcing materials,  Feel free to invite people to help you!

Where : Catfarm South of France

Your experience

  • Experience in building projects.
  • Being general handy ( and if a skill misses you know how to get the required skill in your team)
  • If you know of a helper with useful skill to assist the work (e.g Builder, mechanic, painter etc) invite them to the farm to their abilities

Work Description

  • Building and project manager building a Tipi.
  • Gain tools through trade to create items/artwork to trade further
  • Communicating and working to timeline.
  • Sourcing sustainable materials.

When : March/April 2017   Duration: 1,5 month


The beauty of a tipi goes far deeper than appearances. The circle is an organic, healing shape, powerful medicine for anyone who has been shut up in rectangles for half a lifetime. Contact with the earth is not a metaphor in a tipi. Become one with the surrounding environment, sit down I can feel the skin of our mother under your bum. We are looking for community of members to help us with our project.

The Challenge is to build or assemble a tipi. This is a project that supplies a large amount of freedom but requires a lot of ambition, independence and the ability to be self sufficient. You will be apart of  the project working with volunteers and building this unique creative community. Being resourceful and using your initiative are very important to the success of this project in terms of seeing what the project needs to be sustainable and move forward.

Apply here

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