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We are seeking for an adventurous pirate who likes to be challenged. We will weigh anchor soon, and we  want you on board! There is a treasure chest to be hunted for and that’s where you will fill in the spot on board!

We are a ship based community passionate about expanding our on-board culture of trust, sustainability, and collaboration, an educational playground for new ideas and concepts. We believe in a sustainable people-centric marketplace and the importance of education, trade, artistic upcycling, and technology.

We are looking for a pirate with courage that wants to stand out, someone enthusiastic, persistent, committed to our values , who dares to call and pursuit potential sponsor & supporters and keep them engaged and updated about our adventures!

This is a great opportunity to be and work alongside like-minded people from all over the world, collaborating towards spaces and ideas that are only possible because we all work together.

Description of role:

  • * Fundraising experience, understanding or knowledge
  • * Opportunism – the ability to spot a potential relationship and act upon it
  • * Account handling – ensuring our sponsors are happy with their donation scheme and are kept well informed of progress and success.
  • * Good communication skills: both verbal and written. Writing creative, persuasive, concise and articulate copy will prove effective in persuading people to give. Experience of writing online copy is also becoming increasingly important.

Want to apply ?

Please email to and we will send you the signup form!

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