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Arrrrre you able to capture the moments of euphoria and agony  of our community?


We want to create short clips that show our different festivals, experiences and people on board of the Valparaíso in Amsterdam!

You’ll also get to film the many interesting characters that you will meet each and every day. – You can create a unique perspective and let your creativity go wild!


We have much content already made that you can use for the creation of your videos and different people with various skillsets to include in your work.


Program Description


You will have to be good at editing and need to have your own laptop with Adobe Premiere or Final Cut installed.

This opportunity will give you the chance to live with us and to document our routines and to pitch new and interesting film projects.


You will need to know how to film in documentary style.

What is really important to us is that you can make a finished product, so we’ll need  2 videos a month of a subject we brainstorm about together in the team.


Also we will ask you to help with editing videos that we are currently working on, we would really love your input on what we are making.


We supply the camera if needed!


To apply please contact us at

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