Design a ecological swimming pooll

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Do you an experience in building an ecological pool or wanting to research this aspiring skill by working on this project? We’re looking for talented individuals with knowledge of permaculture who wants to be involved in building a self sustainable natural pool. Demonstrating a genuine interest in ecology is essential to the project. You will be a part of  a community who thrive together whilst working towards achieving sustainability through creative collaboration.

Aim: The challenge is to make an self sustainable ecological pool.

Your experience

  • Permaculture experience or education.
  • Experience or understanding the Eco pool concept and design.
  • Being general handy ( and if a skill misses you know how to get the required skill in your team)
  • If you know of a helper with useful skill to assist the work (e.g Builder, mechanic, painter etc) invite them to the farm to their abilities

Work Description

  • Careful planning and design of natural pools retains the beauty of the area as it ensures a harmonious relationship between landforms.
  • Organic nutrients are removed from the pool water starving algae and pathogens of the food they require
  • Knowing the correct balance of minerals keep the water chemistry just right for clean hygienic conditions
  • Communicating and working to timeline.
  • Sourcing sustainable materials.

Time needed : Start date

Duration: approx 16 weeks


Description – As with any other permaculture inspired project or solution the natural swimming pool is a method of mimicking natural systems, which are the purest of them all. Not only is this the most natural method, but is more cost effective and requires less human input in the form of maintenance. Just like healthy soil, a balanced water system contains all the microorganisms needed to provide you with water so clean, you could wash with it and also drink it. The purpose of the pool is to create a more self-sufficient community on the cat farm.

The challenge for the ecological pool builder is to harness nature’s own processes to produce clean, clear water. The land allows for off the grid living and has the potential for a permaculture system to be in place. This project is ideal for a creative, ambitious soul that wants the chance to lead their own project whilst using some solid foundations that are already in place. It is a place with all the tools you need to let your imaginative ideas run free.

Want to apply ?

Please email to and we will send you the signup form!

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