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Want to live and work in a remote place where the climate is good and there is an amazing community?

Our vision is to make a nice hub for all sorts of creatives and entrepreneurs that feel the need for community. Travelers that want to be part of the bigger picture.


The Catfarm sits amongst wide open space near the seaside in France. The land allows for off the grid living and has the potential for a permaculture system to be in place.


We already have a nice community space and the entire house is self-sustainable.

What we want to do now is to build  a Tipi, an organic pool, upcycle an old timer car into a guestroom and many other funky projects around sustainability and living off-grid.  You as a community leader would have freedom to create your own projects with a kick-ass workshop and all the tools.  

In the future we plan to run small festivals as well!

The sky is the limit!


Who should apply as Cat commander?

  • Travelers with a lot of experience
  • Leaders who want to guide the other volunteers
  • Those that can be here for about half of the year. We share the role of Cat Commander 😉
  • Food is covered after the first month.
  • Couples are welcome!

If you just want to visit the Catfarm as a Coolcat for a shorter time feel free to sign up! We also need those cats to help on the projects for about 5 hours a day.

Facebook: Catfarm

Click here to sign up and read more about the project

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