Seeking a seagoing ship that longs for a second life with young adventurers

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Adventures of the Valparaiso is a Non-profit community organisation committed to creating appealing and sustainable solutions as alternatives to the mainstream consumer culture. To us, this is the real essence of piracy: the courage to branch out from established societal norms to explore and create progressive ways of thinking about trade and economics. 

Our crew is searching for the perfect swashbuckling ship that longs for a second life with young adventurers! This ship will be the platform on which we sail across the oceans – a mobile community marketplace connecting people in a shared vision of trust, art, sustainability and fair trade.

Rusty old ladies needing some restoration are warmly welcomed!

Over the last two and a half years, more than 500 volunteers came together with our core crew to share their energy, creativity, skills and ideas to successfully transform a century old ship from a rusty hull into a thriving, dynamic community. Still to this day, the Valparaiso acts as a community hub, attracting artists, travellers and volunteers from all walks of life to a place where sustainability, art, technology and stories unite. Together, we contribute to a bigger story. It is this significant accomplishment that creates the solid foundation for our next ambitious adventure.

We are now looking to build on this inspirational success and prepare a new ship and crew! In collaboration with our sponsors, partners and volunteers, we aim to set sail on an explorative journey of human connection and trade that puts people and trust back in the fore-front of the exchange.

We aim to create a mobile community marketplace, using goods upcycled, traded or donated as an exchange for human-based commodities such as skills, crafts and stories of the local communities. By exploring alternative ways to trade, we hope to help reveal that all of us have something significant and valuable to offer.

To support our relations with our global community, we will be creating a trading app, as well as a full-length documentary to share the accomplishments and stories behind the many faces that we encounter during our ships transformation and travel. This is an important piece of our collaboration, embodying our belief that it is only with each of our individual stories that we are able to tell one whole story together; the story of Adventures of the Valparaiso.

We are now determined to equip a larger, seaworthy ship and are inviting you to join us!


The ship we are searching for to give birth to this vision will be:

* Seaworthy

* Able to sail

* With engine

* 24 – 33 metres in length

* Made of steel

* In any condition!


We hope that you will come on board with our project, and get in touch.


We hope to see you on-board with our project!

Want to contact us? Feel free to throw us a message in a bottle at

Check our : Facebook  /  Instagram / Website

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