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The challenge of the Storyweaver is to take the vision of the Valparaiso and its New Pirate Economy and use their skills to craft it into a video game. It will be a virtual experience to allow others to gain an understanding of the life of a new age pirate on an adventure delivering a fair trade marketplace. They may not be able to feel the wind in their hair or smell the sea breeze, but it will create something that allows them to feel a warmth from a visionary concept of connecting people around the globe and sharing in their own stories and individual craft.

Video games are fast becoming a well renowned method of storytelling. An engaging way to put yourself in the shoes of the main character and create your own experience of the challenges that they are faced with. In this way we are able to learn not only about ourselves and how we react in different circumstances, but also gain an understanding of another perspective.

The challenge is to craft the concept and vision of the New Pirate Economy into an interactive tale for all these landlubbers to share in!


Captains favorite game SNES Zelda 🙂

  • Title : Storyweaver for SNES style video game.
  • Where : Online
    Time needed :  2 months ?
    In Short :Are you an experienced video game programmer or wanting to improve your skills by working on a new project? Well you’ve come to the right place! We’re looking for talented individuals who want to be involved in developing a game based on our concept of The New Pirate Economy.

Example (open to a different approach but with the same concept):

Aim: to sail around the world to trade creatively and sustainably

  • Gain tools through trade to create items/artwork to trade further
  • When you make more than 3 trades in one location you have built enough connections and made enough trade to “boost your energy” to move to the next location
  • If you gain a person with a useful skill (e.g mechanic, painter etc) which is relevant to the ship’s current state you can invite them on board to implement their abilities
  • At the end of the game, once you have more than 20 items which you’ve gained during your journey you make your way back to the Netherlands where you can trade with the local communities there and promote the message of The Pirate Economy

Want to apply ?

Please email to and we will send you the signup form!


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