Call for pirates in & around Amsterdam to collaborate

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The story of our Valparaíso started in 2013. On a 100 year-old canal boat the first journey towards a new life began. In the years that came, over 500 volunteers joined the project to be a part of rebuilding and transforming the old vessel into a self-sufficient stained glass studio and meeting spot for travelers and artists.


Now, the time has come to expand our ship-based community.


We are determined, with support from our homebase in the Netherlands, to equip a larger and seaworthy ship for an international journey of art, sustainability, connection, education, and technological innovation. This all comes together to promote an alternative and people-centric way of trading. One that we call the New Pirate Economy.


For us the key to creativity is collaboration

Our belief is that we all have something to share. Culture, experiences, abilities and knowledge are priceless in our philosophy.


If your pirate heart rate goes up then apply for any of the following skills ;


Festivals & events pirate: Fundraise / sales pirate: Design pirate:
  • Produce festivals with us
  • Develop creative concepts for at the festivals and events
  • Coordinating at the festival itself
  • Account handling
  • Fundraising experience, understanding or knowledge
  • Finding new ways to earn with what we already do
  • Contact sponsors
  • Create in
    • Photoshop
    • Illustrator
    • Indesign
  • Help us to further visualize the New Pirate Economy
  • Analogue, e.g. wood or metal

Key criteria

  • From skilled amateur to expert
  • Fluent in English ( Dutch is a big plus )
  • Work independently & in a team
  • Proactive, efficient and accurate
  • Give 8-12 hours a week on a voluntary basis

What we can offer you

  • Being part of an inclusive community
  • Developing the concept with us and have space for your own creativity
  • Join us on festivals we are invited to.
  • Sail with us on our current Valparaiso and on the future one! 🙂



Download here our vacancy.

Note: This form is for if you are living or will be living in or around amsterdam for +6 months.

Want to apply ?

Please email to and we will send you the signup form!

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