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Pirates are typically known for looting, raiding and wrecking wherever they went. However, did you know that pirates were also the revolutionaries, the progressives, the explorers? They challenged the existing authority, sailed away from mainstream society and created their own alternative culture and socio-economic structure.

As pirates of the Valparaíso, we don’t loot, raid, or wreck. We are here to share, to love, and to connect people. Our organisation is about creating appealing and sustainable solutions for challenging the mainstream consumer culture, while providing a bold alternative of thinking about trade and economics.

To us, this is the real essence of piracy: the courage to branch out from established societal norms to explore and create progressive, and exciting pathways.

We are now determined, with support from our homebase in the Netherlands, to equip a larger, seaworthy ship and crew for an international journey of art, connection and trade. We are inviting you to join us.


Collaboration is the key to creativity


Transparently throughout every level


We are all here to stay

We are searching for a larger, oceangoing ship to fulfil our vision.

Where you can see us

Catfarm is currently open, this off-grid place is the playground of the Valparaíso.
Check out the Catfarm

Want to get involved from wherever in the world on our projects? Check out the skills section on the Get-involved page page for our mini-projects!

What we need

Seeking a seagoing ship that longs for a second life with young adventurers.

Our crew is searching for the perfect swashbuckling ship to help us sail oceans and connect people to our creative and collective vision.

Rusty old ladies needing some restoration are warmly welcomed!

Our ship requirements:

Any condition!

We will love, polish and prepare her.
No more than 35m long, for small harbour visits.

Preferably made of steel
Auxillary sails also catch our fair winds
Since sails alone won't bring us safe in a harbour we need a engine. Can be in non working state, we will fix it!
If you have a suggestion or spotted a ship please contact us!

Please share to help our search.

When we talk about trade

We all have something to share. Culture, language, experiences, abilities and knowledge are priceless in our philosophy. Our currency of trade and emphasis on interpersonal connections places people at the height of the marketplace and celebrates their unique value. We do not endorse exchange in order to make a profit, we do it to show that what people have to offer is significant and valuable. Our aim is that each exchange will represent the positive environmental, social and financial alternatives available to us all. By practising recycling, upcycling and responsible waste management we aim to reduce unnecessary consumption and build a more sustainable world.

These are important beliefs that will continue to guide our plans. We will be distributing goods donated by our Dutch community in exchange for stories, services and goods in the communities we visit, also trading for local materials and music that can be transformed into art pieces in our onboard studio. Unused items will be upcycled into works of art, people’s time will be translated into involvement and their stories shall be the breath of wind on which the Valparaiso project sails.


We will be creating a full-length documentary featuring the accomplishments and stories behind the many faces that contribute to our project.


By trading our goods for time, involvement, labour and creative collaboration we are encouraging a marketplace where people and their experiences have the highest value.


Through upcycling we will create high quality, sustainable art pieces (such as lamps and sculptures), each piece with their own narrative and a part of the Valparaiso story.

Click here to see our trade flow diagram

We are land lubbers because mother earth gives us her great resources, we are pirates because the best ideas don’t know limits.

See our progress over time by visiting our Timeline

  • "It’s actually an amazing thing that Ulysses has done, when you go there and work, you don’t feel like you’re restoring a boat. Instead you feel like you’re a part of an art project. This was a life changing experience, and I truly mean that..."

    Tyson, Canada

  • "I enjoyed working and helping the goals of the Captain into making the ship a better place, and modifying it to give it the sense of home. Freedom for many means piracy, and this ship is considered free and pirate in its own way. An amazing experience and I believe, without a doubt, that I will come back and visit once again."

    Hans Fredrik Lauritzen, Norway

  • "If you are looking for an off the beaten path adventure on a boat with a lot of character and manned by a wonderful crew, the Valparaiso should be your first choice! ... Their’s is a wonderful and very inclusive community... I can’t recommend the Valparaiso highly enough!"

    Dawit, USA

Valparaíso’s Creative Crew

Each of us have joined the heart of this project with differ­ent strengths and skills, and together we are dedicated to the Adventures of the Valparaiso’s vision.

Ulysses Schuitemaker



Delphine Schram


Strategist & Legal

Margo Mustert



Gabriel Busilli


Sustainability Technology Developer

Kim Berghout


Head Marketing

Dave Dega

Pirate App developer

Developer of the New Pirate Economy App

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